Percy (meyoulou) wrote in redbouquet,

2/4/06- First Tri-Weekly!

Great job everyone! I had a blast. :]

Caotic, nice to see you again, it's a shame i dint get to play you this time, though. Oh well, seeing you beat Tony with Bowsie was worth it :]

Edrees, thanks for finding me and showing me where to find the place. we should play teams more often! Y. Link and Marth eh eh? Also, I cant believe I beat your Fox O_O how did that happen?? It was great to see you again. And I'll give you me and Tony's friend code soon!

Tony, little bro! How did you place higher in the singles tournament than me?? nice job. dont let that ego get in the way! you play a mean Cap'n Falcon and Ganon.

Cody, good job today. Your Sheik knows my Marth too well!

Adam, practice practice practice! Whip your Sheik and Fox into shape!

Ravman, nice work with Ness, my jiggly needs to keep practicing or else i wont be able get those last minute rest-victories anymore :-P

SAT/Link and Sheik, grrr! how come i could beat you and your friends in friendlies, but when the tournament came up, you edged me out with Fox?? I need to practice Marth more :] great to meet you.

Chas, your Fox is a tricky one! Had it not been for some lucky tippers i wouldve beed whooped. nice job! I gott practice more if I wanna keep up.

SD Hugo, We need more of your Pikachu VS my Jiggly! it'll be good stuff.

Oops, The Mario VS Pikachu, Our Tournament set (why did I have to face you first round?? well i came close but i gotta practice more!), our Team matches against eachother, it was all good. see you in 3 weeks.

TO anybody I played but might've missed good game!


memorable moments:

beating people.... until Edresse!! eep.

how did i beat your pikachu, oops? it was a close one.

Azn Lep, we gotta play more together sometime! sorry i kinda stink right now, i need to practice more. lets smash it up sometime!

the totally unexpected comeback against Chas and Rav on Brinstar!

the ultimate miracle of beating Edreese's Fox.

Controller fishing with Cao

Watching Edresse school Tony in Mario Kart.

Haha I just realized all the matches were won more by luck than skill :-P

but the best moment ever had to be:

"Do your taunt!"
*Zelda taunts*
*Tony's Falcon Knees her midway through*

awesome day.
hope to do it again soon!
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