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As many of you noted, the RBL list of games was too limited for some, so I decided to add five new games to the roster. Here they are (ordered by popularity, in terms of number of players):

Super Smash Bros. Melee-
The flagship game of the RBL. What can be said that hasn't already?
Champion: Rickety
#1 Contender: Tony
Junior Champion: Sam
Tag Team Champions: Rickety and Tony

Mario Kart DS-
With a player pool of more than ten RBl'ers, this is the current game to beat for many. Currently, there is no Free-For-All Champion, though it will probably be won by Rick, Tony, Jessica, or Cody.
Champion(1vs1): Rickety
#1 Contender: Tony
FFA Champion: ???

Pokemon Puzzle League-
Finally, a game where Rick isn't champ! Mitch's explosive performances and clever play has made him the undisputed RBL champion of this game. He has single-handedly revived this game, as well as reinvigorated players to once again start practicing.
Champion: Mitch
#1 Contender: Ashley

Street Fighter III: Third Strike-
So what if only four people on the RBL take this game seriously? This is quite possibly the best fighting game on the planet.
Champion: Rickety
#1 Contender: Tony

Hyper Street Fighter II-
No fighting game roster is complete without some incarnation of SF2. Although it's very debatable which version of SF2 is best, we're sticking with HSF2 because of the convienence--it's on the same disc as Third Strike.
Champion: Rickety
#1 Contender: Cody

Capcom VS SNK 2-
THIS is the game that caused a 2D fighting revival for RIck and Tony.
Champion: Rickety
#1 Contender: Tony

Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald. Take your pick and battle!
Champion: Rickety
#1 Contender: Nicky

F-Zero GX-
Who plays this game? Honestly, we haven't touched it for months. It's a great game, but it is the opposite of pick up and play: You need an intimate knowledge of the courses, as well as fine tuned a custom car. Hard to get into, but worth the effort.
Champion: Rickety
#1 Contender: Tony


Also, we are considering adding two more games: Marvel VS Capcom 2, and Guilty GearX2. We need to see who exactly would be playing.
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