Percy (meyoulou) wrote in redbouquet,

Red Bouquet Roster Change?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but for a game to be considered for the RBL, it must:

1. Be played by many players
2. Be skill based, not chance

Four games have come under fire: Third Strike, Hyper Street Fighter, Capcom VS SNK 2, and F-Zero GX. While these games are definitley skill based, there has been questioning in whether or not they meet the first requirement.

Lets take a look at these games by number of players.

Smash: 14
Mario Kart: 11
Pokemon: 8
Pokemon Puzzle: 7

the games in question:

Third Strike:5
CVS2: 5
GX: 7

While these numbers don't seem much lower, it is important to know that while 7 people play Puzzle League, all of them play regularly, whereas although 7 people play GX, no one has really played the game for months. The Same for the other games: They are not played regularly.

Should these 4 games be taken off the roster? Lets vote :]

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