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City Lights

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Rickety will fight Karl! Will Rickety remain Champion? Or will Karl's new character Sheik be able to accomplish what Yoshi couldn't? Be there as the two go at it!


Controller modifications of ANY kind (short-hop mod, L-trigger mod, etc), except for cosmetic changes (paint job, different colored plastic), are banned.
Turbo or programmed buttons of any kind are banned. You may use third party controllers or pads that have these features, but if you are suspected of using the banned features you will not be allowed to use that controller any longer.

1. All matches are best of 3 except for the Finals (best of 5).
2. Lives will be set at 4 stock with an 8 minute time limit.
3. Ties will be broken by stock left and then by percentage of health. Sudden death will be played if both the stock and percentage are tied at the end of the time limit.
4. Items will be turned off.

Stages & Character Select

1. The first round stage is selected by random, but if both players (teams) can agree on a stage then the first match can be played on any stage they agree upon except one from the banned list below.

2. Random Select Stages - Final Destination, Battlefield, Yoshi's Story, Fountain of Dreams, Rainbow
Cruise, Kirby 64, & Pokemon Stadium.

3. Stages Banned - Hyrule Temple, Fourside, Flatzone, Brinstar Depths, Icicle Mountain, Big Blue,
Termina Bay and Yoshi's Island 64.

4. Stages not listed on the random select list, that are not banned, are open for counter picks by the losing player.

5. "Dave's Stupid Rule" - no stage can be used twice in a single match, whether by random select or by picking.

6. Knock-out - after initial characters have been selected and only before the first match is played, each person may knock off one stage from the available tournament stages. That stage will be turned off for the entire set.

7. Advanced Slob Picks - the loser may choose the next stage or elect to go random, then the winner may change characters, and then the loser may change characters.

8. Double-Blind Pick - at the beginning of a match, any player may call for a double-blind pick. This means that all participating players tell a judge their character secretly and are required to use that character for the first game.
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