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San Diego Triweekly Skill Pools 3/2/07:

San Diego Triweekly Skill Pools 3/2/07:

Edrees - Peach

Azn_Lep -Ice Climbers

Adonis -Captain Falcon
Jon619 - Marth
Rickety - Marth/Sheik
Romeo619 - Various
Squish - Sheik
Zack353 - Fox/Sheik

ASP - Mario/Jigglypuff
Bone - Peach
Doodles - Link
Eddy - Fox/Link
SA2Jeff - Peach
Oops - Fox/Sheik
Pha - Fox
Saint Patrick - Ganondorf/Falco

The BOSS - Jigglypuff/Peach
Bruce - Zelda
Dave1000 - Peach
SA3Tony - Captain Falcon
Tp_Fox - Fox
Vietgamer1021 - Various
Yloh - Peach

JR - Falco
LanceStern - Falco
Paul Mitchell - Ice Climbers
SA1Alex - Fox


* Tournament performance - It's not about how high a person placed, but rather who they defeated and who they lost to. Rankings take into consideration a person's collective Singles, Doubles and Crew performances over history and of recent times.

* Consistency of Results - Self explanatory, but nonetheless I'll explain. If a person has done well or poorly in a singular tournament, it is not enough to warrant a major shift in their respective rank. On the other hand, a person who has continually produced similar results over many tournaments will be assessed accordingly.

* Competitiveness of Tournament participated in - No point winning a tournament filled with 100 n00bs - Tournaments which have highly ranked or respected participants (from either Local or Out-of-State regions will be given greater weight.

* Must be a current resident in San Diego County, California. Click Here to see which cities fall under San Diego County, California.

* Names within each tier are in ALPHABETICAL order, and everyone in the same tier is roughly equal in skill level. Some people, like Eddy, were moved down due to long absences. If a player misses more than three major San Diego tournaments in a row, (i.e. Triweeklies), they will most likely move down a pool, and will continue to decline until they are off the list completely. Once they return and continue to place well again, expect them to move up very quickly.
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